Get the most up-to-date compensation data and job descriptions for IT jobs, plus some interesting projections for how the IT industry will change in the near future and what you can do to succeed in this dynamic environment.

Keep Pace With IT Salaries and the Evolution of the IT Workforce

Every day, developments in the IT industry change the way we work and live. In fact, change happens so frequently and rapidly that even the IT workforce itself is experiencing a significant evolution.

At Modis, we’re constantly navigating the complex and ever-changing world of technology to make exceptional connections between leading companies and top tech talent. This gives us a front-row seat to watch this IT workforce evolution unfold – and our 2019 IT Compensation Guide offers the data and unique insights you need to help you prepare for these changes.

Do You Know What to Pay
Top IT Talent

With our 2019 IT Compensation Guide, you get the latest, most accurate compensation data for today’s most critical IT professionals. Plus, we also provide details that many other guides don’t – so you can have more informed compensation discussions and make the most competitive offers.

Get More Than Base Compensations

While many compensation guides provide you with an average base compensation, we get more specific to help you better define compensation for your business. Our compensation data is broken out by company size (small, medium and large), base compensation (low, high and average) and total cash compensation (low, high and average).

Find IT Compensation for Your Job Market

The IT workforce is evolving on a macro level, but it also differs greatly from one job market to the next. That’s why we provide you with variance calculators for nearly 10 major metro markets throughout the country, allowing you to more accurately define compensation for the IT talent in your area.