Consultant Testimonials

The consultants who have submitted the testimonials below are part of the skilled and knowledgeable team who have provided services, and continue to provide services through Ajilon Consulting, now Modis, Inc.

As an independent consultant, I appreciate working with Ajilon Consulting to reach some of my larger clients. All of the Ajilon Consulting staff are consummately professional, terrific when dealing with the clients’ HR and Finance departments, and provide an extra measure of support to me throughout the work cycle.

Judy Redpath, Consultant
JN Redpath & Associates Inc.

I have been consulting through Ajilon Consulting for the last five years and I have found the experience to be beyond my expectations. My area of expertise is organizational development and I find I focus a great deal of client time on organizational maturity and relationship building so, needless to say, I look for excellence in both areas in the companies I work through. Ajilon Consulting has demonstrated over and over again, in their relationship with me, a high degree of organizational maturity and devotion to superlative relationship building and client engagement. Many times the staff has gone the extra mile for me in more ways than I can list here. I have even brought my daughter, who is also an OD consultant, into the Ajilon Consulting fold because I believe the company to be one of the best places to grow consulting skills and expertise, and to build a reputation in the field. From my perspective, my partnership relationship with Ajilon Consulting has contributed significantly to my success as a consultant.

Sylvia Laale
Senior Consultant

Ajilon Consulting has maintained a professional and respectable relationship over the years. They have promoted my skills to various clients which resulted in several contracts. I have and would recommend this company to all my colleagues.

Jason Allen
Web Application Developer

Ajilon Consulting’s professional approach to clients and organizations has helped our business relationship to successfully provide IT services and solutions to many clients during the last nineteen years. Their ongoing focus on not only customer relationships, but also consultant relationships is the primary reason that I have been able to work, almost continuously, on many projects. Throughout my contracting business existence, I have worked almost exclusively with Ajilon Consulting and look forward to continuing to do so in future.

John Choong
Senior Business Analyst

It has been a pleasure working with Ajilon Consulting for the past five years - I consider them to be one of my professional partners. They do an excellent job representing my interests and ensuring that I get the support I need to fulfill my contract with the client. They are also very timely in paying me for my services. I would highly recommend Ajilon Consulting to any contractors.

Helen Wojcinski, P.Eng., FEC, MBA, CMC
Wojcinski & Associates Ltd.
Change Management Specialists

Ajilon is a great organization to work through as a contractor. They take a very professional approach to getting the right contractor for the work and the right work for the contractor. The firm has multiple procurement vehicles active in the public sector which is a critical element for getting contractors working on federal government projects.

Another important benefit to working as a contractor through Ajilon is that they pay accurately and promptly on the submission of invoices, and will pay on a weekly basis if desired. Not all firms do this, often making contractors wait until the firm has been paid or even longer in some cases.

Dave Armstrong
Principal, Infofusion Consulting

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