Privacy Statement

The Modis Commitment to Privacy

Modis Canada Inc. and its divisions (collectively "Modis" or the "Company") are committed to protecting the privacy and security of Personal Information (as defined below) provided to Modis. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") explains Modis's Personal Information handling practices. We encourage you to also read Modis's website Terms of Use and Disclaimer, as it works in conjunction with, and is a part of this Policy.

  • Personal Information is defined as information about an identifiable individual, but not aggregated information that cannot be used to identify a specific individual. However, business contact information (except business email addresses) and information available in public directories are not considered to be Personal Information.


This Policy applies to Personal Information of candidates seeking job placement services ("Placement Services"), users of Modis's web-site and applicants who seek employment with Modis (collectively "Individuals").

Modis's web-sites may contain links to third party web-sites that are not governed by this Policy. Although we endeavour to only link to web-sites with high privacy standards, this Policy does not apply once you leave Modis's web-site. Additionally, Modis is not responsible for the privacy procedures employed by third party web-sites. Therefore, it is suggested that users of Modis's web-site review the privacy policies of third party web-sites to learn how their Personal Information may be collected, used and disclosed.

Personal Information Handling Practices


Modis takes responsibility for Personal Information under its care and/or control and has a designated Privacy Officer who is accountable for Modis's compliance with this Policy. Modis will make readily available to individuals specific information about its policies and procedures relating to the administration of Personal Information. If you have any questions relating to the handling of Personal Information by Modis and/or this Policy, please contact the Chief Privacy Officer at:

Via Phone: 416.367.2020
Via Fax: 416.941.5960

Modis has implemented policies and procedures to give effect to this Policy, including training and communicating to its employees about the Company's policies and procedures relating to the handling of Personal Information. Modis transfers Personal Information to trusted third parties and/or affiliated companies for processing and storage purposes. Such information may be transferred across provincial and national borders, in which case, the information may become subject to the legislation of that jurisdiction. Modis will only transfer Personal Information to third parties who have executed contracts requiring them to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the Personal Information provided to them for purposes of performing their functions for Modis.


Prior to the collection of Personal Information, Modis will identify the purposes for which the Personal Information is being collected. Modis will limit the collection of Personal Information to that which is reasonably required for the purposes described to the individual providing such information.

Modis collects Personal Information only for the following purposes:

  • To establish and maintain responsible commercial relations with Individuals.
  • To understand Individuals needs and preferences. For example, to maintain a record of the types of work desired by applicants seeking Placement Services.
  • To administer the payroll of individuals who receive Placement Services.
  • To meet legislative requirements. For example, Modis may collect Personal Information to satisfy government regulations, i.e.: tax.
  • To evaluate candidates who have submitted Personal Information to Modis for employment consideration purposes with Modis.

Unless required or permitted by law, Modis shall not use or disclose Personal Information for a new purpose that has not been previously identified and for which consent has not been obtained.

Modis may update this Policy, including the Terms of Use and Disclaimer from time to time. As such, Modis encourages you to review these documents periodically. You may determine when this Policy was last updated by referring to the "revision date" found at the top of this Policy.

Modis collects Personal Information only for the purposes identified in this Policy.  Modis shall only collect Personal Information by fair and lawful means.

Individuals provide Modis their Personal Information voluntarily. Individuals may choose whether or not to provide Modis their Personal Information; however, without some Personal Information, Modis will not be able to register such Individuals to receive Placement Services or be considered for employment with Modis.

Modis collects usage pattern information from users of Modis's web-site. Clickstreaming is a technology that allows Modis to track the paths that web-site users take as they access Modis's web-site and as they use links to other sites.

Modis will not routinely update Individuals' Personal Information unless such a process is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information was collected.


In the majority of cases, Modis shall obtain express consent directly from Individuals to collect, use and/or disclose their Personal Information.  For example, when a candidate registers with Modis for Placement Services:

  • Express Consent:Modis shall obtain written, electronic or oral consent from the individual before collecting, using or disclosing Personal Information that is sensitive in nature, such as financial and health information.
  • Implied Consent:Modis may rely on implied consent when consent may reasonably be inferred from the action or inaction of the individual.

Modis will only require Individuals to consent to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information as a condition to the supply of services if such collection, use and disclosure are necessary to fulfill the identified purposes.

Consent may be withdrawn or modified by simply contacting Modis at the contact information provided in this Policy.  Please be advised that it may take up to 30 days to complete such request.  Prior to the changes taking effect, Individuals may still be contacted due to marketing efforts that commenced prior to the modification of consent.

Use of Personal Information

Modis restricts the use of Personal Information to the purposes identified in this Policy and for which Modis has obtained implicit or explicit consent from the individual.  In accordance with established practices and industry standards, Modis retains Personal Information for only as long as necessary to fulfill the stated purposes and in accordance with applicable legislation.

In accordance with established practices and industry standards, Modis will destroy, erase or make unidentifiable any Personal Information that is no longer required. 

Disclosure to Third Parties

Modis discloses Personal Information to third parties only for the purposes identified in this Policy and with the appropriate consent of the individual in accordance with applicable legislation. For example, Modis may be required to disclose certain information to regulatory authorities, such as the Canada Revenue Agency.  In these circumstances, only the information specifically requested will be disclosed, and Modis shall take reasonable measures to ensure that such authorities who make the request are entitled to receive the Personal Information.

Access to Personal Information

Modis provides Individuals with access to their Personal Information for review and update.  Upon request, Modis will inform an individual of the existence, use and disclosure of his or her Personal Information and shall give access to that information.  An individual may challenge the accuracy of the Personal Information in Modis's care and control, provided that the individual can reasonable demonstrate the inaccuracy of such information.

An individual may access his or her Personal Information by writing to Modis's Privacy Officer at the contact information provided in this Policy. Access to Personal Information shall be provided in accordance with Modis's established policies and procedures.

Normally, there is no cost for reasonable access to Personal Information.  Modis shall advise Individuals of the cost, if any, prior to providing access to the Personal Information.  In order to provide access to Personal Information, Modis may require additional forms of information, including other Personal Information to validate the requester's entitlement to the Personal Information.  Such other Personal Information collected will only be used to process the access request.

Modis will assist any individual who needs help in preparing an access request to his or her Personal Information.  For example, if the requester has a sensory disability and upon request, Modis will provide access to Personal Information in an alternative format.

Modis will provide a response within 30 days of receiving an access request to Personal Information.  Except where prohibited by law, if Modis is unable to provide the requested access to Personal Information, Modis will explain the reasons and any recourse an individual may have. For example, if Modis is unable to separate the requester's Personal Information from that of others, Modis will not be able to provide access to such information.

Where Personal Information has been used to make a decision about a specific individual, Modis shall retain the Personal Information for a period of time that is reasonably sufficient to allow such individual to access his or her Personal Information.

Modis has procedures in place to address privacy related issues. Individuals may request access to their Personal Information in writing or address their privacy related concerns by contacting Modis's Privacy Officer who is accountable for Modis's compliance with this Policy.

Modis shall respond to all inquiries relating to this Policy within a reasonable amount of time, not exceeding thirty (30) days.  The regulatory authority that oversees Modis's administration of Personal Information is the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Modis takes privacy matters very seriously. As such, Modis shall respond to every privacy related complaint. On such complaint, Modis shall acknowledge, record and investigate the substance of the privacy complaint.  If a complaint is found to be justified, appropriate measures will be taken, including but not limited to, amending this Policy.


Modis protects Personal Information against unauthorized access.  In accordance with established practices and industry standards, Modis has security measures in place to protect Personal Information.  Personal Information shall be protected by security measures appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

Modis's security measures include:

  • PhysicalLocking doors and filing cabinets.  Secure destruction of Personal Information, regardless of the storage medium (i.e., paper shredding);
  • Technological – Password-protected computer systems and files; and
  • Organizational– Employee privacy training.

Individuals are reminded to take reasonable measures to protect themselves against unintended access to their Personal Information. For example, individuals should only disclose Personal Information to organizations they trust.